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This season we are excited to reveal our collaboration with textile print designer and Royal College
of Art graduate, Lucy Day. Taking inspiration from natural environments and organic shapes,
Lucy's work encapsulates the Wrap London aesthetic perfectly. Discover the stunning
hand-drawn prints that have been exclusively designed for our Midwinter collection.

"The mono strand print was
drawn with a combination of
water colour, ink and pencil.
Inspired by photographs of
leaves in greenhouses where the
plant fronds push up against the
glass, the humid environment
forming condensation on the
windows, and the changing
focus of the leaves as they fold
away from the window."

"Drawn in a combination of
waxy pastels, intensely coloured
inks and water colours, this
print has an interesting
texture as a result of the layers
of drawing materials. The
flowering plants are nestled in
a tangle of leaves and vines,
creating an all-over pattern
of texture and movement."

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