In Conversation with Sophie Ridding

This month we ventured out of our HQ and the familiar surrounds of Fulham to Hackney where we met the lovely Sophie Ridding, healthy and nutritious food specialist and founder of Loam. The moment you enter Sophieís kitchen you feel right at home and you will find yourself immersed in a wonderful world of spice jars, traditional kitchenwear and quirky decorations.

We asked Sophie where her passion for nutrition and healthy eating came from, what her secret ingredient is and what her go-to wardrobe staples are. Here's what she had to say...

Sophie Ridding

Can you tell us a bit about your story? How did Loam London come about?

In a previous life I was a set designer, which meant being on set for long periods of time. Every job had catering, and even though it was great to be fed, in general the quality of the food wasnít up to scratch. Sometimes by the end of the week I would feel so tired and lethargic from eating nutritionally poor, carb heavy food, that it made me realise just how much I would appreciate some healthy food! And so Loam was born.

Where does your passion for healthy and nutritious food come from?

I was diagnosed with psoriasis when I was 14 and itís been in and out of my life ever since. I managed to cure myself through my diet after learning about which foods to leave out. I started seeing food in a different light Ė as a daily medicine that plays a big part in how we look, feel and how our cells react. Once you unlock the power of food, itís hard to not become obsessed with it!

Sophie Ridding

The carrot top pesto you made during the shoot was as beautiful as it was delicious. What other spring flavours are you craving after a long winter?

Anything green and lush! Iíve also just had my first taste of the yearís tiny white strawberries, which smell and taste beautiful.

What inspires you to keep creating amazing recipes?

Trips to the greengrocers, famers markets, cookbooks from my travels or old ones picked up from charity shops. Cooking can never be boring - the combinations are endless! Plus, if you try and eat seasonally, thereís always a slow rotation of ingredients to look forward to using again.

Sophie Ridding

How do you make your clothes work for you and your busy lifestyle?

Everything has to be practical and comfy for in the kitchen, but when we cook on set you have to make a bit more effort!

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

I live in stripes, jeans, good quality natural fibered tops and dungarees. Simple and classical always works best!

Sophie Ridding

Name one style rule all women should break.

Donít follow fashion, follow quality.

What does #dressupineveryday mean to you?

Make an effort for yourself everyday, even if itís just wearing lipstick or a favorite pair of earrings. Wearing something which makes you happy sets you up for the rest of the day.

Sophie Ridding

And finally...
If I wasnít running Loam London, I would be Running a cafť by the sea.
My ideal breakfast is...A lazy one! Something that can be eaten and enjoyed while reading the weekend papers and that tastes delicious.
The best thing about my job is... That I get to work with beautiful natural ingredients - Iím constantly baffled by the wonders of nature. I also get to work on lots of exciting photoshoots and meet lots of wonderful and interesting people.
My secret ingredient is... Good olive oil! And a good squeeze of lemon right at the end to brighten any dish.
Words to live by... Donít sweat the small stuff.
My guilty pleasure is... Eating out and going abroad when I can Ė every experience is research and itís important to always be inspired.
Before I leave the house I always... Pack my pre-soaked chia seed porridge. Itís the fuel that I run off - Iím useless without it!

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