that loves you back

High quality linen makes up a significant part of our Spring Summer
collection year after year, whether it be knitted, woven or jersey.
Its natural attributes - soft, heat-resistant fibres - make it perfect for
creating lightweight and breathable designs fit for summer dressing.

Linen is spun from fibers found in the stem of flax plants. Our linen
is sourced from flax that is grown in Europe then carefully spun
and woven into high quality fabric used to make our garments. We work
closely with linen suppliers who strive to produce high quality linen
yarns and work hard to restore its original, pure and unadorned beauty.
This natural beauty is present in each of our linen styles.

Why we love linen?

1. The structure
of linen helps
garments keep their
shape for longer.

Joelie Dress: Throw-on-and-go
in style this summer with our
straight cut dress. In pure linen
that holds its shape and will
keep you cool as you escape
to sunnier climes this year.

2. Linen's heat
resistant fibres will
keep you cool and
fresh for longer as you
enjoy the summer sun.

Joss Cardi: Knitwear is not just
for winter; trade in your chunky
sweaters for our fine linen
alternatives. Floaty and lightweight,
our linen knits are perfectly
breathable for warm summer days

3. Linen is
hypoallergenic & good
for sensitive skin.

Carina Top: Linen jersey is a true
wardrobe essential. This summer,
we've added lace trims to give a
feminine finish to an easy-to- wear
fabric that loves you back.

4. Linen is 30%
stronger than cotton
therefore much less
likely to stain.

Chelsea Trousers: Woven in
a heavier-weight linen for a neat
and defined silhouette. These
are the summer substitute for
your favourite denim jeans.
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