Know Your Sole

The arrival of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to introduce a new addition to our
collection. We're so thrilled to have eco friendly and sustainable, Veja shoes on board this season.

Founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion, the Veja project respects both
their employees, and the environment by creating a positive chain through technological
innovations and a transparent approach to design.

Talia Trainers
Organic cotton

In Taua, Brazil the Veja canvas is made of 100% organic and fair trade cotton. The cotton is
grown by a co-operative of small farmers who have adopted agro-ecological methods. No pesticides
are used on the crop and fair prices are paid to farmers. Meanwhile in São Paulo cotton is upcycled
from the waste of the Brazilian textiles industry and is recycled to create a high quality canvas. If
that's not enough to turn you turn into a Veja believer, wait until you hear this...

Rubber technology
Oana Trainers

Each Veja outer sole is made of 40% rubber from the Amazon rainforest. Use of wild rubber
from the Amazon increases the economic value of the forest and helps to fight against
deforestation. The mesh used by Veja is made from 100% recycled synthetic fibers that create a smart
fabric, both breathable and waterproof, all from recycled plastic bottles. And to top it all off,
Veja only uses leather with low impact on the environment. The leather is tanned with low
levels of chemicals and little water is used in the tanning process. Finally the Veja trainers are
shipped to Europe, and once in France the storage and delivery process is supported by Ateliers
Sans Frontières, an association promoting societal integration through work.

Cutting knives

What more could you ask for? Style, of course! With a minimal and urban aesthetic, these
key trainers are the building blocks of your new season wardrobe. Dress them up or down
for an effortless everyday look, and best of all become part of this sustainable chain. This is
the future of the industry.

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