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Kelly Jansen - Juniper Weaves

Kelly Jansen

This month we met Founder of Juniper Weaves, Kelly Jansen in her beautiful home in
Richmond. We found out all about the art of macramé and even got the chance to watch Kelly
work on an unfinished piece while we quizzed her about her inspirations and how she turned
her creative outlet into a business while being a Mum.

Can you tell us about your story? How did Juniper Weaves come about?

For 5 years I worked and lived in the city and enjoyed a fast paced London life, then I had
two beautiful little kids and my role changed to a full time mum. Being a mum is better than I
could ever have imagined but I wanted to do something on the side for a creative outlet. One
morning I woke up and I looked at my plant hanger in my bedroom and thought, I wonder if I
could make that? I started researching macramé and it completely fascinated me - the ideas
and options were endless. So I bought a book, taught myself and ever since have been
obsessed and cannot stop.

Originally, I thought I would just make creations for our own home and friends but it kind of
just grew - a friend suggested I do a workshop which from there came the idea of DIY kits
and at the same time enquiries for commissions started to come in and then I guess here we
are today.

Kelly Jansen

Where does your passion for weaves and macramé come from?

I think just from my general love of interiors. I am constantly thinking, dreaming and
planning of things for our own home. I love a rustic style and lots of plants (I have too many
to count) and so I think macramé fits in perfectly.

What process do you go through to make a piece of work and where do you source
your materials?

I normally base my design on the style and shape of the stick. I always start in the middle
and work my way out. I generally have a rough idea about where I want the style to go but
more often than not that changes and I go with it.

After I think I've finished a piece, I'll hang it up in my home and leave it for a few days and if
I'm still happy with it then it's done. But often after looking at it from new angles I'll add the
final touches that finally make it complete.

I get my rope from a company online, their quality is consistent and I Iove how their rope
unravels. It took me a very long time to find the perfect rope (I never thought I would say
that!) I find my sticks in the local park, I often drag the whole family to help me!

Kelly Jansen

Where do you draw inspiration from when working on new weaves?

I draw my inspiration from nature and interiors. Often I will think about nature - plants, trees
and flowers and the shapes they create when I'm working on detailed pieces. A lot of my
pieces have been names after flowers.

My love for interiors is the other inspiration for my designs. I can get lost browsing online
and often the shapes and patterns from vintage rugs give me ideas for new pieces.

Are you working on any new designs or projects at the moment?

I have a few ideas and projects that I can't get off my mind. I am just waiting for a gap
between commissions and kids to get them going.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My working day is more of a working night. The kids keep me occupied most of the day and
I learnt very quickly that I can't work with them around as they always want to get involved.
So as soon as they go to bed, I start working which normally ends until silly hours of the
night because once I start I really find it hard to stop.

Kelly Jansen

How do you make your clothes work for you and your busy lifestyle?

I tend to dress around comfort these days while trying not to be too boring. I keep things
simple, I never have much time to think of an outfit each day so I definitely have my
favourites and my staples that I rely on.

I really do love fashion though so it is a priority to me to enjoy what I wear each day, even if
it is a day when I stay indoors all day with the kids.

Who/what inspires your everyday style?

I love oversized, structured and timeless pieces. I buy less these days and rather save up
for the pieces that will last. I'm not a girly girl or a tom boy so I always find myself buying
something in between. Again, comfort plays a big part. I have a few fashion bloggers that I
have a sneak peek at every so often as to what they are wearing.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

Jeans and dungarees. Always and forever.

Kelly Jansen

And finally...
If I wasn't running Juniper Weaves... oooh I would like to think maybe doing something in homewares.
The best thing about my job is... switching off when working, meeting new people and flexibility around the kids.
My guilty pleasure is... I have always had a sweet tooth.
A day isn't complete until... I've had a cup of tea before bed (now I really sound boring).
My favourite London hangout is... The dining room in Bernes Tavern.

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Photography by Jutta Klee @juttaklee
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