Behind The Lens: with Kate Davis-Macleod

Kate Davis-Macleod

For our latest High Summer
shoot we travelled to the fishing
village of Bathsheba, a natural and
rugged landscape on the east coast
of sun-kissed Barbados. It was
there that model turned fashion
photographer, Kate Davis-Macleod,
beautifully shot our new collection,
capturing its fun, confident and
boho style. Let us take you behind
the lens to learn a bit more about
Kate, the evolution of her career,
travel and her passions:

When and where did your passion for photography begin?

I started modelling at 16 and moved to New York when I was 18 where I lived for 8
years. I always knew I wanted to do something arty, (I went to Art college) and fashion
photography combined the influence of fashion with my appetite for creating art.

Who and what have inspired and influenced you in your career?

Probably my ex-boyfriend, who is a photographer. We got together when he was 1st
assistant to a big New York photographer and he photographed me for 8 years - I
learnt a lot on the way.

How would you describe your style of fashion photography and how has it

I used to paint oil on canvas, in particular female nudes so I think more than anything
I've done a full circle and come back to celebrating the female form - I think I shoot
women in a sensual but empowering way.

Your work requires you to travel lots, what's your favourite destination

There's a place in Turkey I've been to shoot three times. It's magical, there are
mountains, the ocean and you can't see another building for miles. That, and the 150ft
swan sail boat I shot on - I love sailing!

You recently shot our High Summer collection in Bathsheba on the east
coast of Barbados, what was it like to shoot there?

I love the east coast of Barbados, it's a little bit Jurassic - the boulders, palm trees and
wild ocean - what a special coastline. It's a real contrast to the calm white sand of the
west coast but I definitely prefer the drama of the east coast.

Kate Davis-Macleod

Do you have a memorable moment from the shoot?

I think it was day three, we'd been up since 6am shooting in the baking hot sun but
we knew we still had another eight shots to go. The team was feeling a little jaded so
someone put on this awesome reggae tune and everyone started dancing - we had our
own little 5 minute dance party on the beach. It's all about having a great team!

Kate Davis-Macleod

You can view all of Kate's beautiful photography for us, and shop the full High Summer collection, here >

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