In Conversation With Georgia Cummings

Georgia Cummings

This month we had the pleasure of
spending the morning with Georgia
Cummings, Founder of Potage, the
London-based healthy food delivery

Between her lovely flat in Notting
Hill and kitchens in Battersea,
Georgia spends her days running
the business and creating delicious
recipes. We came across Potage on
Instagram and absolutely fell in
love with her amazing food shots so
couldn't wait to find out more on
how it all started.

How did Potage come about? What inspired you to start your own food business?

I started potage with £1,000 savings in October 2012 and for the first year did all the
cooking at home, delivered locally on a bicycle and had a Saturday stall outside Books
for Cooks in Notting Hill. At the time I was living on my own and I used to eat a slice of
toast every evening because I never had time or energy to cook after work. I kept
wishing one of my family could drop off an extra portion of whatever they were making
and then decided to start a business!

Have you always wanted to work in the food industry?

I've always wanted to work with food in some shape or form.

We think its great that all of your ingredients are locally sourced. Why is this so important to you?

When you buy locally sourced produce you avoid paying a premium for food that is
scarcer or has travelled a long way and reduce the energy (and associated CO2
emissions) needed to grow and transport the food. If it's locally sourced it's also
seasonal which means fresher, and also tends to be tastier and more nutritious.

Georgia Cummings

Do you think that the idea of bringing people together through food is what makes Potage unique?

Yes. At Potage we're passionate about delivering delicious, handmade meals in a
sustainable way. Our goal is to bring people together with great food, and help them eat
well when they don't have the time to cook themselves.

Georgia Cummings

Can you walk us through a day in your life?

My first coffee in the morning is probably the only consistent thing in any two days of
my life. As soon as I wake up I put my coffee on - I use a Bialetti Espresso Maker - and
warm some milk. I am usually out of the flat within 30 minutes of waking up and grab a
piece of fruit for breakfast on my way out. I live in Notting Hill and whenever I have
time, I go for a walk around Hyde Park first thing (quite often with my Mum). Our office
is under an archway in Battersea and I try to get there by 9am latest. Our team start
early so things are always lively when I arrive. The first thing I do is check in with our
Head Chef Denisa then head upstairs to the office to talk to Sophie, our Operations
Manager. The day-to-day work I do varies hugely. When I first started I did everything
from cooking to building the website to delivering the food, whereas today my focus is
on business development and strategy. We eat together as a team every day. It's a great
way for us all to catch up and we often end up thinking of the most brilliant ideas sat
informally around the table together. I don't have a TV at home so during the week if I
want to switch off I either read a book, go to the cinema or since turning 30 have started
trying to get into yoga.

What is your favourite Potage meal at the moment?

Spaghetti bolognese!

Georgia Cummings

Do you still enjoy cooking at home or since Potage do you only cook when working?

I've recently started writing a recipe column for The Evening Standard and have been
really enjoying getting back into the kitchen to test recipes.

Who/what inspires your everyday style?

I once wrote to my best-dressed-friend Pandora Sykes asking for advice on what to
wear. Her advice is now to blame for my everyday style... "You'd hate to be shoe-
horned into the stuff I'd like to get you into. And that's OK, because that's your style.
You have to feel 'you' - cheesy but true."

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

For this summer definitely my new Wrap London outfit of Aurora Trousers, Rebecca Cami
and Artie Sweater that I wore in today's shoot!

Georgia Cummings

And finally...
If I wasn't running Potage...I'd like to write a kids book.
The best thing about my job is... my team.
My guilty pleasure is... my second coffee of the day.
My favourite ingredient is... butter.
Words to live by... be happy.
My favourite London hangout is... home.

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