In Conversation With Coralie Sleap

Coralie Sleap

This month we had the pleasure of
entering the unique and wonderful
world of Drink Shop Do, the café by
day/bar by night located in Kings
Cross. We sat down with co-founder
Coralie Sleap to find out more
about all the fun that goes on in the
shop and the brains behind the

Tell us a bit about your story. How did Drink Shop Do start?

Kristie & I met on our first day of secondary school and immediately knew we'd found a
partner in crime in each other. A couple of years after university we had one of those
pub bench afternoons where we were discussing what would make us truly happy. It was
a total dreaming 'money no object', 'best case scenario' conversation, where we were
pulling out all the deep rooted fantasy business ideas. We had a 'eureka' moment when
we figured that by putting all our whimsical ideas into one place we could make a
business with a truly unique selling point.

Coralie Sleap

We think it's amazing that you and your co-founder have been friends since school. What's it like working with your life long friend?

It's amazing to have someone in your life who has such perspective on you so
completely! We've learnt how to get the best from each other and to help each other
grow in work and in life.

You host lots of amazing and unusual events at your shop. Which has been
your favourite so far?

It's got to be the original and the best 'Play with Clay' we pick different topical celebs to
model out of a little ball of clay. There's a judging to pick a winner and it all gets a bit
rowdy and silly. It was inspired by the video to 'Hello' where Lionel Richie's head was
modelled out of clay.

How do you discover the people you collaborate with on the events that you run?

We are now in a very lucky position where we get approached by people doing all the
weird and wonderful things! When we have event ideas we need people to run we have
now built up a great network of people we can go to as well.

We think Drink Shop Do is the perfect place to bring people together and try new things. What sort of crowd do your events attract?

We feel so lucky that we get a really diverse crowd according to traditional market
segmentation. Our crowd is more likely to share outlook and ethos. We attract open-
minded people who value the joy of playful, social interaction and believe that having
fun is an important element to well being.

We love that your shop is a café by day and bar by night. What makes Drink Shop Do such a versatile space?

Making it versatile was so important to us to complete our vision of an inspiring,
magical, escapist place. The building is an old Victorian bath house and it's a beautiful
space that we hope you find comfortable to be in night and day.

Coralie Sleap

What's the best part of running Drink Shop & Do?

Seeing the wonder, surprise and delight on our guests faces & seeing our team develop &

Can you walk us through a day in your life?

The wonderful thing about this job is that it's not usually an average day! I spend most
of my time working with the managers or my business partner to make sure our goals
and vision are aligned and making plans of attack for whatever new we are working on
what we want to improve. I try to fit yoga in most days, I always feel so much better
when I do! I like checking out new openings or things going on in London in the

Coralie Sleap

How do you make your clothes work for you and your busy lifestyle?

I'm very much into comfy fashion, dresses with trainers are a staple look for me so I can
look nice but still run around! I also enjoy casual clothes in strong colour combinations
so they look styled and not just thrown on.

Who/what inspires your everyday style?

I take inspiration from all over! I do like to flick through fashion week coverage to see
where designers are looking but I'm also quite into active and street wear. I like mixing
second hand, designer and high street.

What are your go-to wardrobe staples?

Some white leather low-rise, shell cap Adidas. They go with everything all year round,
from Mom jeans to party dresses! It's a struggle not to put them on every single day!

Coralie Sleap

And finally...
If I wasn't running Drink Shop & Do...I'd be teaching yoga full time on a beach!
My guilty pleasure is... cake of course!
My favourite holiday destination hard to pick, I like going to new places. It
would have to be on a beach though I'm a sun, sea & sand girl for sure! North Peru &
Lima were a highlight I'd love to go back to.
My ideal breakfast is... almond milk porridge. Every day with changing toppings!
Roasted hazelnut, chia and maple is a current favorite.
Words to live by... I'm into all the mindful philosophies so it's so hard to choose!
Maybe in order to love you must first love yourself. In order to love yourself you must
first become a person you like. OR We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow
old because we stop playing.
My favourite London hangout is... Keystone Crescent members club in Kings Cross.
It's so cosy, laid back and fun.
My day isn't complete until I've... spent a few minutes going through a little roll
call of things I'm grateful for.

Coralie Sleap
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Photography by Jutta Klee @juttaklee
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