Cashmere love & care

One of Wrap's favourite yarns, cashmere, has been the centrepiece of our collections season
after season. Warm, light and breathable, it will keep you deliciously warm and beautifully
cool. An everyday luxury, here's our top tips to make it last a lifetime.

Irma Cashmere Sweater Irma Cashmere Sweater

We work only with the finest grade A cashmere, ethically sourced from Tibet and Inner
Mongolia. In spring, the cashmere goats naturally shed their winter coats and the undercoat
is removed by hand with a coarse comb. This is a lengthy, labour intensive process, which
makes cashmere wool one of the most valuable and expensive fibres in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, pilling on cashmere is not a sign of inferior quality. The pilling
is a natural characteristic of the shorter cashmere fibres and can be easily removed using
a cashmere comb. Simply lay your cashmere flat and run the comb over the surface to pick
up the loose balls of fluff. Over time the pilling will reduce and once the coat has finished
releasing these shorter fibres the longer, twisted fibres will remain and your cashmere will
continue to stay beautiful.

If your cashmere sweater is beginning to look a bit flat, the best way to get 'life' back into
it is to pop it into a sealed plastic bag and place it in the freezer for as little as an hour.
The drop in temperature causes the fibres to constrict and stand on end. The result? Your
sweater will have its lovely fluffy appearance again.

Cashmere pieces should either be dry-cleaned or gently hand washed. It's essential that you
care for it, cashmere is expensive but it can be a life-long friend if you treat it well.

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