Behind The Lens: with Åsa Tällgård

Behind the lens

On Wrap World we love taking you behind-the-scenes, from the design process at our
London studio to the breathtaking locations for our new season collections, but this
month more specifically we're taking you behind the camera lens. We caught up with
Swedish fashion photographer Åsa Tällgård, who so beautifully shot our latest Spring
Summer collection in sun-drenched LA. Well known for her iconic fashion shoots and
high profile magazine editorials, we spoke with Åsa to find out about her inspirations,
creative process, and favourite fashion moments:

Was there a single moment, person, or object that began your love affair with photography?

I had a fabulous art teacher in high school who was a great inspiration. He taught me photography and how to develop my own pictures in the darkroom.

When did you realise that Fashion Photography was where you wanted to specialise?

When I was 15, I started working as an assistant for a fashion photographer, who at the time was shooting for Vogue. I realised then that this was the right thing for me to do.

You're known for bringing lots of energy to your shoots, which translates so well in your photography, how important is this to you on set?

We often shoot long hours and early mornings so it's very important that there is a good energy on set and that everyone is playing their part and keeping a good mood.

Behind the lens

LA has served as a beautiful, inspiring, and dynamic backdrop for many fashion shoots. What is it about the city of dreams, do you think, that makes it so special?

LA has a combination of great locations, beautiful light, and that "everything is possible" kind of attitude.

For parts of the shoot, you used Philip Dixon's Venice Beach home, a Moroccan-inspired sanctuary filled with natural light, architectural stone, and calming water - what was it like to shoot here?

It was an amazing house, and a great location for our shoot. The way it's constructed, almost like an oasis, made it a cool atmosphere that offered so many great angles and possibilities to create that perfect shot.

Behind the lens

How did you find the atmosphere on set when you were shooting in LA?

I love shooting in LA. It's built around the entertainment industry so there is a spirit that you can go as far as the stars, and beyond. And everyone on my set is always so
professional, always doing their utter most to make it their best job so far.

Do you have a memorable moment from the shoot?

It was so hot when we shot in the desert, so we had to have a neckerchief soaked in ice cold water to cool us down each day!

This was the first time you worked with us; for you, how important are the clothes to the creative process, and in realising the best shots?

The clothes are very important. I am inspired by what I see through the camera when I shoot. The correlation between the location, the model, and what she's wearing is the fuel to my creative process. When everything is in sync, the pictures look amazing.

Behind the lens
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