Behind the Design: AYM Jewellery

Behind the design - AYM Jewellery

New to the collection for Autumn Winter 2019, we have three gorgeous jewellery styles from
Danish brand AYM. We caught up with AYM's Founder, Sine Brixten to find out all about her
inspirations, creative techniques and sustainable solutions.

Can you tell us about AYM and how it all began?

I am based in Copenhagen and founded my brand AYM in the summer of 2016 after working
in the fashion industry as a buyer for many years, and after seeing how short the life of the
clothing collections were in the store, I decided to make a change as I wanted to work with
products that have a longer life in the stores and with the end consumer, and in that sense is
more sustainable.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing new collections?

For me inspiration comes in many shapes, but I mainly get inspiration from architecture,
interior design, from traveling and very often from the inspiring people I meet. As
I am Danish, and my studio is based the very heart of Copenhagen with a historic
yet cosmopolitan atmosphere in the cobble stoned streets. This location serves as
inspiration to collections with a modern simplicity and an international feel. At the same
time, I have a profound desire to explore new materials, new techniques and new trends.

How important is sustainability to your brand? Can you tell us more about your
zero-waste packaging concept?

My idea from the beginning was to create packaging which serves a multiple purpose,
so I created the transparent zip pouch which I encourage the end consumer to reuse;
the small version is perfect for credit cards or business cards while the large pouch can
be reused for make-up or as a travel purse. I also investigated on various materials and
decided to use the echo friendly material EVA which is free of harmful ingredients such
as sulfur.

What materials and techniques do you use to create such beautiful and unique

I really enjoy working with the petroleum free cellulose acetate, which is in the collection
also mixed with silver, gold plating and fresh water pearls. The acetate we use is made
pre-bulk which means that there is no waste and the playful patterns and colours make
each jewellery piece unique.

How would you describe your brand aesthetic and the way it transforms the way a
person looks and feels?

I absolutely love the way that people wear jewellery nowadays, mixing and matching
jewellery pieces to complete a personal look and this is what AYM is all about. I am
constantly looking for ways to keep AYM interesting and exciting by seeking collaborators
to work on various projects, ensuring no two collections are ever the same. I want to
create jewellery which is reflective of the diversity in our world and that captures the
beauty of each of its wearers.

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