In Conversation With Annie from Spoon Cereals

Annie Morris

Looking for a healthy breakfast
on the go, we met Co-founder of
Spoon cereals Annie Morris at a
bustling café near Tower
Bridge, The Watch House. We
caught up over a bowl of
delicious granola and found out
all about Annie's mission to
make breakfast better for
Londoners across the city!

Can you tell us about yourself and your brand?

I am obsessed with a healthy breakfast. I started Spoon because I want to make
breakfast better for everyone. The issue is that nobody has any time these days and we
often survive on pastries or skip our morning meal altogether as we run out the house.
At Spoon we want to solve this problem by revolutionising the breakfast occasion and
giving everyone a good reason to jump out of bed in the morning.

How did Spoon Cereals start and where did your inspiration come from?

Spoon started as a breakfast cereal pop-up which we took to food markets, music
festivals and train stations. It was our way of testing my idea for a breakfast cereal café
that serves busy commuters a fresh bowl of homemade granola and /or muesli on the
way to work.
At the time, I saw a gap in the market for a more wholesome breakfast cereal offering
that you could enjoy on-the-go and out of home. I was also very inspired by the street
food scene in London and the people in the industry who had quit their 9-5's to pursue
their passion for food.

Annie Morris

Have you always wanted to work in the food industry?

I've always had a love of breakfast, particularly cereal and would eat it at all times of the
day from an early age. I think my love of the food industry came into play when I started
working at the famous London restaurant, Petersham Nurseries during my holidays as a
student. I was working as a waitress under Skye Gyngell, who was the head chef there at
the time. Skye taught me about the importance of simple, seasonal and high-quality
produce in cooking.

Which Spoon product is your favourite and what would you compliment it with?

I'm currently really excited by our new 'The Nutty One' muesli flavour. It's great first
thing in the morning with oat or dairy milk and some chopped banana. Recently, I have
been heating this muesli with almond milk and eating it as a warming bowl of porridge.
The ground cinnamon and turmeric spices come alive this way and it's perfect for
wintery mornings.

Annie Morris

Where do you source the ingredients used in your granolas and mueslis?

Our wholegrain jumbo oats are all sourced from here in the UK. Our Pure Maple syrup
is from Canada. We choose this particular ingredient, not only for it's incredible flavour
and nutritional value but also as homage to Jonny's Uncle, who grows his own maple
trees in Canada! Our spices and nuts come from overseas.

Where in London can we buy your delicious cereals?

Whole Foods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury's

What advice would you give to someone starting up their own business?

Have a purpose. Without having a reason why you're doing what you're doing, it's easy
to lose your way and you will be more at risk of giving up.
Make sure there is a market for your business idea. There are loads of cheap and
creative ways you can go about testing your concept. Don't spend the money until you
know you've got something that will sell.

Annie Morris

Can you walk us through a day in your life?

There is no typical day! My weeks are very varied. The other day for example, I was up
at 5.30am for a pop-up at The Watch House, a coffee bar in London that we supply.
We were giving away free muesli pots to promote the new range. I enjoyed breakfast and
a coffee from their menu. If I'm not up at the crack of dawn, I'll make breakfast at home
and then head to our office in West London. I work on all aspects of the business with a
focus on branding, marketing and new product development. I will re-configure my
to-do list when I get to my desk and crack on with ticking those things off. I will
normally try and squeeze a gym session or run into my day if I'm not too busy with
work. On the weekend, I try my best to switch off from work to spend time with family
and friends.

What are your wardrobe staples?

At the moment, it's all about knitwear. I've got a collection of pieces to see me through
the winter months. I'm loving my cashmere jumper from Wrap, which I can wear with
jeans or smarten up with suit trousers.

Annie Morris

And finally...
If I wasn't running Spoon... I'd still be working as a creative in the advertising industry!
Words to live by... Making Breakfast Better
On my Christmas list... A waffle maker!
My guilty pleasure is... Ice Cream
The best thing about my job is... the freedom to manage my own time and
interacting with our growing community of Spoon breakfast lovers.
My favourite London hangout is... All the cafes, bars, market stalls and restaurants
down Broadway market in East London, which is just round the corner from where I

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Photography by Jutta Klee @juttaklee
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